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Saturday, 8 May 2010


What is a "Giro"? I think it is like a "Ronde", so a kind of oversized circle. Based on this knowledge I've been to the Giro de Amsterdam, which must be a kind of oversized alley-cat. Why You may ask?

Start is done by count-down bike lane traffic lights.

Riders with back packs are more interested in discussing advantages of disk wheels in the rear with a nice girl than going really fast.

Need another example: Running red lights is a common tactic. At least with Team Sky. So I guess directions were like: Nothing is going to stop us!

For sure not this team on cheap mountain bikes - not even with stickers saying "police".

Ok, clear. BUT why not simple Ronde van Amsterdam? Because of "L'Emozione", the Dutch decided to go for an italian stereotype:

Plenty of rubbish bags, as You would expect to see in the south of Italy combined with hundreds of white vans selling cheap goodies. Luigi just asked me to print clearly that "the family" has nothing to do with this business. Which brings me for absolutely no reason to Astana. Now with Vino back on board, they had a nice tribute to "The men training in Black" by using stealth black bikes.

But it seems that only one team actually started on fixies, the team with the longest name....

While the team with the shortest name had 40 k quid parked outside the bus:

In the meantime Rabobank went for some kind of mental doping:

Rabobank reminds me of Amsterdam and souvenirs:

- Freebies from Rabobank
- Free cap from Skoda (not shown)
- A souvenir from the Van Gogh museum
- a onion flower

Below some pictures I also found on the negative film:

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  1. Second and final update, now including coobles!