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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Belgiums at the World Championship 2012..

The Secret behind the success of the 
Belgiums at the World Championship -
revealed by Team Here comes the Belgians:

Signature of Tom Boonen
The success of the team was based on frites. Why? 
Because the riders had to bloody win to get some frites.
That was the very strict ruling of one man: Maitre Norbert.

Norbert at the Lepelbed, Melle
Only pasta and rice - no frites.
Or even porridge for breakfast...
THAT motivates to win!

If not cooking for the Belgian team 
Maitre Norbert is at the Lepelbed 
in Melle, south of Ghent.

In the hotel are signed jerseys by e.g. the English and Australian track teams

These teams are staying at the Lepelbed in Melle 
- when training on the Ghent track.

Actually the success story started one year ago,
- Gilbert signed a Here comes the Belgians jersey.

After this become known among the Belgian riders
- Boonen signed
- Vansummeren signed
and two more riders signed

So we have a good chance of having signed the 2013
Belgian world champion, at least we have five Paris-Roubaix.

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  1. Brilliant - I've not been looking at this blog too much - too busy taking photos. Well done on getting the signature :)